Riky Rick posted a message of appreciation to his wife on Instagram which led to speculations, memes and jokes that his wife controls him.

The message was meant as a sweet text of love but knowing social media instead of sending heart emojis they were sure to drag Riky. On the post Riky states how his wife has been there to prevent him from behaving recklessly.

“When I wanna buy that new car, she say “RELAX, LETS BUILD SOMETHING WITH SHELDON”. When I wanna cop that icey watch to stunt on yall, she say “RELAX, LETS PUT THAT AWAY FOR THE KIDS”. When I wanna hit the club and make it shake, she says “RELAX, YOU DID THAT 10 YEARS AGO”… When I wanna go hang with so and so, she says “BABE, YOU KNOW THOSE GUYS DON’T EVEN LIKE YOU”…” he wrote.

He went on to advise others to choose a partner like his – someone who care enough to tell you when you wrong.

“Do yourself a favor my brothers and sisters, find someone who really cares about you. Someone who doesn’t value life based on worldly possessions. Someone who cares enough to correct you when you wrong and send you to the right path. People ask me how do I keep doing it, I answer, “IT’S NOT ME AT ALL, IT’S MY LADY”…he concluded.

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