July 29, 2021
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Russ Performs Heartfelt Rendition Of “Patience” On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

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Coming off his “Shake The Snow Globe” album

Russ dropped off his Shake The Snow Globe album just last week that came equipped with 12 songs and two bonus tracks. The album featured the hit tune “Best On Earth” that pulled in love from none other than Rihanna and as a way to show more love to his latest piece of work, Russ recently paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Russ posted up on stage seated on what looks to be a pile of rocks as he softly sang his song. Considering that Russ revealed a few days back that he was sick with laryngitis, his stage and vocal performance were quite impressive. “Went to the doctor the other day and my vocal cords are super fucked up lol gotta go home and do a whole lotta nothing for a lil bit…powered thru jimmy kimmel tho..glad I did it. now it’s time for water and recharge!!” he wrote on Twitter. 

Russ recently announced his tour that kicks off in Seattle at the top of May and wraps up in Atlanta at the end of June. “Man, lookin at these ticket sales really is a blessing. Already 10,000 tickets sold in LA. 7,000 sold in Seattle. 7,000 sold in Denver..so on and so forth. Shit is just nuts. I remember bein happy to sell 200 tickets. I LOVE YALL,” he wrote

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