Russia attacks busy shopping centre in Kremenchuk, Ukraine


Scores of people are feared dead after Russia launched an attack at a busy shopping centre with more than 1000 civilians inside in Kremenchuk.
Footage of the shopping centre engulfed in flames while firefighters attempt to extinguish the blaze and rescue survivors are making rounds on social media and international news networks.

The Defence of Ukraine confirmed the attack in Kremenchuk.
“Another act of the Russian genocide of the Ukrainian people. This time the ruscists targeted a mall in Kremenchuk in the afternoon when it is always especially crowded. The war criminals wanted to kill the civilians, deliberately aiming for the maximum number of casualties,” the first tweet read.

A follow-up tweet said: “This shopping mall in Kremenchuk was hit by russian X-22 missiles. As of 20:00, 10 civilians have been found dead, and 40 injured. NATO-style anti-missile systems would prevent new tragedies. Delayed action and deep concern will only encourage the Russian monsters”.

Also Watch Video published by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, courtesy of NEXTA.TV

The Kremenchuk attack is in the wake of Ukraine’s President Zelensky urging leaders of the Group of Seven industrialised countries to do their utmost to end Russia’s invasion of his country by the end of the year.

Following the attack, the Baykar company announced it would be giving Ukraine three Bayraktar drones for free. In a statement, the tech company recognised the crowd-funding efforts by the people of Ukraine to procure several Bayraktar TB2 UAVs, however, the company decided to donate the three drones and requested the funds to be remitted instead to the struggling people of Ukraine.

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