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SA Rappers Who Have Put On Upcoming Rappers! A lot of SA Hip Hop fans live under the impression that well established rappers don’t help out upcoming artists. Although this is true in some cases, it should not be the general opinion of all the rappers.

Sean Pages tweeted that “It’s an unwritten rule in hiphop.” to help out upcoming artists.The list of rappers who helped out new artists in the game is very long.

Check Out Who Brought Who On The SA Hip Hop Scene:


Riky Rick with Frank Cassino.

Frank Cassino was found by Riky on the internet because of the original version of “Whole Thing”. They went on to do the remix for the song and Frank Cassino’s life has not been the same since.



AKA with Yanga

Yanga first appeared on the local Hip Hop scene by featuring on AKA’s “Runjozi” with K.O. Yanga has gone to feature on other rappers songs, the likes of Kid X and Gemini Major.


K.O with Moozlie

Despite how things ended with a lot of Cashtime artists, K.O brought a number of artists into the game and managed them well. He put his own career on hold to concentrate mainly on his artists for a while.


pH with Shomadjozi

The local Hip Hop mogul pH has put a lot of artists on the rap scene. Shomadjozi is one of the few to feature on his song and become a star in South Africa.



Cassper Nyovest with Tshego

The Family Tree boss has put a number of artists in the game who are relevant on the local scene right now. From Nadia Nakai to Gemini Major and Tshego.


Da L.E.S with Dj Double D

Da L.E.S is always working with new artists in the studio. Dj Double D was one of the few to have the priveledge of working with the North god and his career took off.


AKA with Nasty C

Nasty C is one of the most popular names in SA Hip Hop right now and he commends AKA for putting him on to one of his first shows.


SA Rappers Who Have Put On Upcoming Rappers!

Tumi with Riky Rick

Tumi has put a lot of rapper on the scene and he has been doing it for a long time. The list of rappers he has put on is endless, from Kwesta to Riky Rick who are the biggest names in SA Hip Hop at the moment.


SA Rappers Who Have Put On Upcoming Rappers!


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