September 17, 2021
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Saweetie Lands McDonald’s Celebrity Meal Inspired By Her Strange Eating Habits

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Saweetie marks the fourth artist the fast food chain has collaborated with.

Following previous collaborations with popular artists like Travis Scott, J Balvin and BTS, McDonald’s will be debuting the “Saweetie Meal” on August 9th, named after the Bay Area rapper and female artist. Known for her love of food and sometimes very creative culinary combinations, the “Saweetie Meal” is inspired by the artist’s love for mixing and matching different foods. At its base, the meal will include a Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries and a medium Sprite rounded out by a barbecue sauce that will be rebranded as the “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce to coincide with the meal’s theme.

Continuing with adapting the themes and aesthetics of each celebrity meal to align with the artist’s personal brand, the “Saweetie Meal” will take on “icy new packaging” to build off the artist’s “Icy Girl” branding. Previous examples like Travis Scott’s “Cactus Jack” branding being made into crew member t-shirts for McDonald’s employees, along with the BTS branding on the paper bags for each order of the BTS meal, shows that McDonald’s is committed to displaying each artists’ individual identities in their collaborations with the tenured fast food chain. Saweetie posted a teaser for the meal on Instagram earlier this morning.

“WHO’S READY FOR ONE OF MY INFAMOUS CONCOCTIONS?!!,” Her Instagram caption reads, knowingly acknowledging the meme culture that’s surrounded her eating habits. In the photo, french fries and hints of barbecue sauce make up a snowflake, playing into the artist’s “Icy Girl” brand. Her 2019 album is simply called ICY.

McDonald’s has done their part for hyping up their newest celebrity meal on social media, as well. They tweeted a hint about their involvement with Saweetie this morning before posting the same image.

Making light of Saweetie’s sometimes outrageous eating choices, they further confirmed why ranch isn’t included in the meal in a follow-up tweet.

It has also been reported that customers will be afforded some flexibility in how they can have contents of the “Saweetie Meal,” aligning with the artist’s tendency to be creative with her eating choices. Fans are hilariously disgusted on social media, but check out what kinds of combinations are possible in the image below.

What do you think of the “Saweetie Meal?” Which artist would you like to see McDonald’s collaborate with next? Let us know in the comments. 

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