ShabZi Madallion’s latest EP, Who’s Around When It’s Finally Done, is a melancholic offering by the charismatic MC – Texx and the City


ShabZi Madallion’s latest three-track EP Who’s Around When It’s Finally Done is an introspective hip hop offering, delivering sombre thoughts on relationships, love and the future. 

Opener “Change” is stoic, with repetitive bass lines and stuttered piano rhythms, whilst ShabZi’s unpolished vocals add to the overall melancholic tone of everything, as he croons over and over, “something’s just gotta change.”

“Revelations 6” is a lighter composition, taking influence from classic MC rap, a sweet ’90s’-style soul melody lingering beneath the slick production skills of Manny M, Othello, and Dilly. 

Closer “Memories” extends ShabZi’s confident artistic persona, albeit a little formulaic for such a short offering. Things tend to feel monotonous rather than exciting, but just as the EP’s final track is about to end, it hits you with something unexpected. 

A low-fi voice note off a small child sounds out. ShabZi did something similar on Nomvula, his 2020 full-length album, with the track “The Message – Interlude”, and it felt just as powerful then as it does now.  

“Daddy loves you and I love you and everyone loves you” says the little boy, in a moment of unadulterated purity. It may only be a ten-second interlude, but it goes a long way to uncover the sincerity behind ShabZi’s work, and his pensive charisma.

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