September 19, 2021
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“[She] Don’t Wash Her Meat”

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Tamar called out her sister Toni, joking that she doesn’t wash her meat before seasoning it.

Following the premiere of Love Is Blind: After The Altar on Netflix this week, the world is discussing the show, and one scene, in particular, is standing out in conversations. The long-questioned debate over whether or not you need to wash your chicken before cooking it has returned, and this time, it’s because of Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton’s relationship dynamic.

As the cameras followed Lauren and Cameron during a family dinner with Cam’s parents, Lauren called out her husband for failing to rinse the chicken before seasoning it. They entered a light-hearted debate over why Lauren thinks you should wash your meat before cooking it, and why Cameron thinks the high temperatures will destroy germs in the oven. 

JC Olivera/Getty Images

People have been reacting to the clip, taking either Lauren or Cameron’s side in this argument, and Tamar Braxton came through with a notable response. Clearly, she’s the type to wash her chicken before seasoning, but she chose violence by calling out her sister Toni, who allegedly does not wash her meat.

“Toni don’t wash her meat,” she commented on The Shade Room’s post. “That’s why I will pass [vomit emoji].”

Damn, what made you go and expose family secrets like this, Tamar? 

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Do you personally wash your meat before cooking it, or do you agree with Cameron that the heat will take care of the bacteria?

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