Siv Ngesi’s Drag Queen Sivanna Shoots With An International Brand. He is one individual who doesn’t let society dictates how he lives his life. From sharing nude pictures of himself on social media to pole dancing, Siv Ngesi, is all about living his life to the fullest. A month ago showed us more of his versatility. He debut his new persona, a Drag Queen by the name, Sivanna.

On her debut, Sivanna was a marvel to see with flowing hair and a bright red dress, sporting black sequin designs. Ngesi was in an intense makeup session in which his eyebrows were blocked to create a new brow shape. This perfect look was attained with the help of Cape Town drag queen and former SA’s Got Talent finalist, Manila von Teez.

As he debuted the persona, the award winning media personality, actor and comedian revealed that plans were already underway for Sivanna’s next appearance. True to his words, Sivanna is already involved in photo shoots with major brands. A month down the line, she is already shooting with Adidas SA which has collaborated with Beyoce’s fashion brand Ivy Park.


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