Skolopad shared some sensitive photos and videos on social media which has attracted more of trolls than hype followers.

The singer paints her social media accounts with all form of steamy and sexy photos revealing her private parts and it’s been said by some trolls that she’s doing it all for attention.

However, Skolopad slammed all critics while speaking with TshishaLIVE.

“Hao. I’m just being playful and keeping the few fans I have entertained. I don’t see anything wrong with that especially since I don’t consider myself a celebrity anyway. People can’t say I’m nobody and then turn around and say I mustn’t say certain things because I’m a celeb.”

“I don’t care much for attention anymore so that wouldn’t be my motivation for anything. As I have said before, the brand Skolopad is on hold at the moment as I am still recovering from the accident.” She said.

Recently, she posted a full nude snap of herself apart from the mini nudes she’s shared in the past and it’s got more trolls screaming she’s an attention seeker, while others hyped her boldness.


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