Snoop Dogg Lays Claim To The Throne With “I Wanna Thank Me”

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 The album artwork of Snoop Dogg’s upcoming seventeenth studio album I Wanna Thank Me is a clever depiction of his enduring legacy. Featuring a variety of his many personalities, from the Reggae-savvy Snoop Lion, to the young Pup fresh off the streets of the LBC, to the P.I.M.P, regal and prone to backhanding with the quickness. After thirty years in the game, it’s no wonder that Snoop has undergone so many different reinventions of self. And yet never has he strayed from his unique sense of self, a quality that has solidified him as one of the game’s most valuable contributors, bar none.

Is there a single self-respecting hip-hop fan out there who doesn’t have love for Snoop Dogg? At this point, it’s unlikely. Perhaps that’s why he decided to take a moment to double down on his self-gratitude, delivering the first single off his latest body of work. “I Wanna Thank Me” finds Snoop sharing some nostalgic visuals, spitting smooth bars like he never left the booth. Given everything he’s provided us, from the music, to the lingo, to the laughs, perhaps we oughta start giving Uncle Snoop his due credit. Is he one of the greatest of all time?

Quotable Lyrics

Long time coming had to learn my G
Gold diggin’ hoes had to learn my fee
I beat a couple cases, I’m H.O.T
I’m Snoop Dogg to the world, gotta thank old me!

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