Social Media React To Tweezy Hailing AKA The “Best Rap Superstar In SA”

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Social media has proven to the best and worst place to say whatever one feels the need to say, lately multi-talented rapper Tweezy shared a sentiment that received mixed emotions from twitter users.

Tweezy said that AKA is the best Rap superstar to ever come out of South Africa in praise of the concert he pulled over the weekend on AKA’s Orchestra On The Square.

The most shocking part of the tweet also is that the two rappers were once embroiled in a heated beef, although they were reported to have settled the beef it is surprising that they learned to appreciate each other’s music and worked together.

“They had a fallout but they are working together again. It has been positive and they are really getting along well. It’s been great to see in studio. I don’t know who approached who but they have sorted out their issues” said AKA’s manager Tshiamo at the time and added that Tweezy worked on several tracks on AKA’s Touch My Blood.

Here’s how twitter reacted to Tweezy’s view of AKA :

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