Social Media Recorded The Tragic Death Of Instagram Model Bianca Devins

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Bianca Devins

Bianca Devins was just a young girl when her life was brutally taken away from her, at merely 17 years old. The teen was a resident of Utica, New York and was quite frequent on social media, even gaining popularity on the Instagram front as well as 4chan and Twitter. Unfortunately, social media went on to contribute to her downfall, along with the unfortunate sharing of photos of her dead body all over various platforms.

The sad truth is that things like this could happen to anyone and should be why you must always take precautions. Tools like could save your life.

What’s The Background Of The Story?

Bianca Devins was a high school student who gained fame on social media for her modelling career. The 17-year-old had plans to follow a psychology course at her local community college before she was murdered in cold blood by her jealous lover.

Although she was not a major celebrity, she had quite a large following. Unfortunately, her killer would later take advantage of this.

Bianca was brutally killed by a 21-year-old man who also happened to be a native of New York. Her killer, Brandon Clark, occasionally goes by the name Brandon Kuwaliski.

The two were close, apparently ‘family friends’, according to Bianca’s sister. However, many on social media stated that this was not the case and that they only got to know each other through the gaming app, Discord. When reports of this were circulating, her sister quickly took to Instagram to dismiss this, saying, ”It wasn’t just an ‘internet boyfriend’, this was a close family friend whom we’ve met and trusted so much. I do not want false information being spread around.”

Unfortunately, we don’t really know what led to Bianca’s demise. Only Bianca knew this, but Utica police are sure they have their answer.

What Exactly Happened?

As mentioned, what led her friend to kill the teen is unknown, but Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara stated that “The belief is that she kissed somebody at the concert and that’s what upset him. I have a very hard time understanding how anybody can justify taking another young person’s life because they kissed somebody else”. If this is truly why he committed murder, then what he did next is more baffling.

The police found Clark by his car with a knife in his hand. The killer kept protesting that he ‘murdered her’ (Bianca) and was ready to end his own life, which he attempted to do. According to the police, he ended up giving himself major cuts and lacerations but was stopped before he could do serious damage to himself. He was soon taken to the local hospital.

Once the police decided to examine the car, they saw Bianca’s lifeless body inside, covered in a pool of blood. According to reports, the teen was slashed in the neck with a knife so brutally, almost as if Clark was trying to behead her.

How Was Social Media Involved?

But this is not the craziest thing about the entire scenario. Clark decided to log onto his social media account and post pictures of Bianca’s body on his Instagram and Discord server as well, along with pictures of him about to end his own life. Unfortunately, these images started circulating throughout the internet. The photos of the murdered teenager started going viral, causing the platforms to take action and censor the pictures.

Unfortunately, this angered people as social media’s largest platform, Instagram, was late to take action and did not delete any of the pictures. This was taken advantage of by many people as they saved the picture, uploading it on to their accounts and tagging Bianca in it.

The internet was outraged to see Bianca’s dead body going viral. You can imagine how Bianca’s family felt when they saw this. The following is a statement from her stepmother on a Facebook post, “It is absolutely disgusting that people are sharing and screenshotting the pictures of Bianca’s (tragic) death!! Wtf is wrong with you people? I have seen the pictures. I will FOREVER have those images in my mind when I think of her. When I close my eyes, those images haunt me. How about we have some consideration for her mother, sister, stepsisters and brother, stepmother and stepfather, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, and her friends. How about we have some consideration FOR HER!”

Thankfully, there were people who tried to help Bianca’s family and let her spirit finally have some rest. They did this by getting rid of the heinous images by mass reporting each one they would encounter. And, fans would even go as far as tagging Bianca’s Instagram account in random pictures to hopefully drown out the cascade of inappropriate pictures that people decided to tag her in.

What Happens To Clark?

Police say he will definitely go to prison, but his defence attorney may have a case to help reduce his sentence. According to a law official, “Under the law, there’s something called extreme emotional disturbance. It doesn’t negate the crime, but it mitigates it. What I mean by that is it doesn’t make it so you’re not guilty, it just reduces the level of crime, so it would knock it from murder to manslaughter in the 1st degree.” This may be taken into account as Clark tried to kill himself and posted on his Instagram, “Here comes Hell. It’s redemption, right?’

The moment news hit of the murder, his brother took to social media to say “Shoutout to all the people who target someone’s family and blame them for a person’s decisions. Nothing better than waking up at 4 am to find out your brother killed someone and tried to kill himself. And when you’re trying to understand and comprehend how the person you looked up to and taught you so much is responsible for such a horrible act, people proceed to go out and blame you for what he did.” We can say that everyone is teary-eyed and enraged at the circumstances.

Clark’s Instagram account has now been deleted and he is currently being detained in jail.

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