Somizi defends Bonang against trolls on champagne bottle spelling error

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Somizi Mhlongo went all the way, rooting for his re-united friend, Bonang Matheba on radio after perceiving the lash the media personality received from trolls due to a spelling error on her new champagne bottle, BNG.

The radio personality and Queen B had been close friends for a long time till a hitch came up and they turned out to be far apart from each other. However, seeing, Somizi at Bonang’s BNG champagne launch got us certain that they’ve reconciled and are back as being the good friends.

Som made re-union look so sweet as he pulled out for Bonang on Metro FM, saying:

“Maybe one day I’ll be a hater and I’m gonna have as much time as the person who found it, circled and found a fault on Bonang’s bottles. The person who noticed that ‘elegant’ was spelt wrong on some of her bottles and now made a big hoo-hah about it.”

He added; ”All of our lives, things have been mis-spelt, so I don’t think it should have been a hoo-hah. It should have just been a laughable joke, to say ‘hey, her book was like that now this, hahaha’ and keep it moving. Let’s not make it as if it affects the taste or the quality or anything else.”

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