Somizi responds to claims that Mohale is with him for the fame and money

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Somizi Mhlongo reacts to claims which has gone viral over the past weeks that Mohale Motaung is in the relationship because of the fame and money benefits he’s received.

The lovers were at first quiet about the viral claims but Somizi took to Instagram to prove the critics wrong and called them haters.

Somizi seemingly mocked the haters with an “open letter to jealous B**ches” on Instagram this week.

While many laughed at Somizi’s spicy clapback, a follower claimed the haters weren’t jealous, but thought Mohale was too cold for someone who should be excited.

“The people are not jealous, they only think Mohale is way too cold for someone whose level of excitement for marriage should be high,” user Bureni said.

Somizi didn’t hold back, telling the world he had been quiet for too long.

“I’ve been quiet for way too long about how I feel about people who are not even our friends and family already assuming and dictating how my fiancé should love me and should react to certain things.

“All of you saying such; you don’t sleep next to me. You don’t wake up next to me. You don’t know how moody and cranky I become. You have never smelled my morning breath. Have you ever wondered why I was attracted to him in the first place.

“Have you ever thought how I would never date my duplicate. How we are completely different people and personalities. How his calm demeanour turns me on.”

“Most of you who are busy saying things about him would not hesitate taking his place should the opportunity arise. You never think that someone like him can love someone like me genuinely. You always place material gains in everything. And even if that was the reason, so what? Am I complaining? [You’re] busy saying he’s using me for money. Hayi suka niyakhathaza,” he added.

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