Soul and gospel singer GirlKing’s debut album, The Best Thing In The World, offers up a genuine feeling of grace – Texx and the City


Meet GirlKing (real name Ntombinkosi Mncube), the South African gospel singer-songwriter on the rise, who’s music is a contemporary blend of soul, jazz and R&B. 

Her debut album The Best Thing In The World comes out today, inspired by Mncube’s faith and relationship with God, but after listening to it you’ll quickly realize that this is no ordinary gospel album.

Imbued with tones of traditional African song and rich chorus-lines that run alongside a contemporary writing style, moments of passionate melody fill this album with a genuine feeling of grace.

And while each track is meticulously put together, spanning a wide range of instrumentation and sounds, GirlKing’s radiant vocal ability underpins every note with tenderness. 

Gospel-lovers, give this album a listen. Odds are you’ll love it.

Feature pic by TT Photography SA

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