SOUTH AFRICA : Fans React To Nasty C’s Hilarious Bungee Jumping Pictures

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Fans React To Nasty C’s Hilarious Bungee Jumping Pictures! Nasty C surely put on a show for the internet recently posting a picture of himself bungee Jumping. The rapper shared one of the most terrifying experiences of in life with his fans.

The pictures that Nasty C posted on his social media accounts left his fan abuzz on both twitter and Instagram. There have been several hilarious memes made from the pictures on the internet. Whilst some couldn’t get over Nasty’s hilarious face, some were rather impressed by the fact that he went bungee jumping in Givenchy.

“The Givenchy that me i will use to go and impress babe, that’s what Nasty is using to do ‘Swing swing’…Issorait” tweeted one fan.





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