South Africa: IN FULL | Edward Zuma lashes out at NPA ‘witch hunt’

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Jacob Zuma’s son Edward says the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is out to get his father. Read his full, unedited statement below:

Greetings to all South Africans and global citizens.

I have taken my own personal time to try and make myself understand the reasons as to what the former President Jacob Zuma ever did to deserve such hatred and treatment from people whom he served and struggled for the freedom we enjoy today‚ I deliberately say freedom and not liberation as we are still not liberated as South Africans no matter how we want to ignore this historical fact.

The National Prosecuting Authority‚ has taken a decision which even a child can see that is based on witch-hunt and very suspicious and thought provoking reasons‚which as a citizen of this country one would feel very much that state institutions are being used to clamp down on anyone who stands and speaks truth to White Monopoly Capital and it’s offsprings.

I have concluded that anyone who is accused by the above or WMC‚ that person will definitely not be treated like a human being or fairly by the Powers that be.

Our judiciary isn’t also making it easier for us to trust it as it has also been accused of adhering to WMC and it’s offsprings‚ by way of the questionable decisions they continue to take on other various and important issues that affect our country and supposedly to benefit the Black child‚ hence the uncertainty on their impartiality in the matter of the former President Jacob Zuma.

This I say because they have allowed due or court process to be abused for years‚this has been done under the abuse of our democracy and this then gives birth to the belief that they have been themselves captured by WMC‚ which I personally believe it’s the case in our country‚ however depending on weather you speak Radical Economic Transformation‚ Expropriation of land without compensation as is the former President.

I know some will say‚ but the so called charges emanate from long time ago‚ I will then respond to say the Battle to tarnish and get rid of Jacob Zuma is more than 20 years‚ hence he is still being crucified till this day and by the look of things this isn’t going to stop anytime soon‚ as the former President is still going to champion the plight of the poor people of this country‚ so it’s an all our battle we are prepared to take head on regardless of the outcome and consequence.

Many people have spoken as to how selective our prosecution is and I will not go there as I agree with them‚ I will however challenge South Africans to wake up and smell the coffee before our country is again handed over to the hands of White minority rule who clearly don’t see us as equals rather they see us as their mere Butler’s‚ Labourers etc. We will go all out and defend the former President in every way possible‚ I also want to just share my thoughts as a child of the ANC who lived and survived during the times the ANC was burned not through my liking but because of the apartheid system.

I have witnessed and seen former President Jacob Zuma persuing the ideals and principles of the ANC. The struggle never ended with the unbanning of the ANC or with the Universal franchise given the African majority in 1994‚ it still continues hence the last NGC came up with the second phase of the transition‚which is the persuit of Radical Economic Transformation.

Former President Jacob Zuma is and will always be a revolutionary in persuit of Justice‚ and revolutionaries unfortunately lead lead by example particularly through circumstances in their lives‚as one revolutionary once said I qoute‚[tooltip id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac”] [/tooltip]“By having no family‚ I have inherited a family of humanity‚by having no possession‚I possess all‚by rejecting love of one‚ I have received love of all”.

The ideas of our glorious movement as embodied in the freedom charter are still far from being fulfilled‚ Former President Jacob Zuma is a true leader in persuit of those ideals. The ANC was formed also in persuit for the return of the Land to it’s rightful owners‚ Jacob Zuma as President if the Republic opened up those processes of land claims to the anger and dismay of some. The Constitution if this country has been tested to the extreme levels throughout his presidency and unfortunately this will happen throughout his life‚ remember revolutionaries don’t Retire.[tooltip id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac”] [/tooltip]100 year’s from now‚ historians will be writing and reflecting correctly about the life and time’s of Jacob Zuma. Unfortunately future generations will be very harsh on us for failing this revolutionary.

As we go and all support former President Jacob Zuma in his legal escapades which I conclude to say are a purging and abuse of power and process by those that have hatred for him. I leave you South Africans with this words or qoute‚[tooltip id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac”] [/tooltip]“All men caught in inescapable chain of network‚ tide in a single garment of destiny‚ whatever affects one directly‚ affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be till you are what you ought to be‚and you can never be what you ought to be till I am what I ought to be”.

South Africans the truth will suffice and there are those that will blame others when our movement suffers the consequences of hatred and ignorance‚ maybe this is when those that despise Jacob Zuma would regret the decision of the National Prosecuting Authority.

We shall however radically and vigorously rally behind and push for land Expropriation without compensation and Radical Economic transformation and those that stole our economy and hiding in Stellenbosch and London shall be exposed hopefully by the masses‚ as the very NPA is afraid of Prosecuting such as they are said to be in charge of the country indirectly. Inde LENDLELA ESIYIHAMBAYO maqabane.

Issued by Edward Muziwoxolo Zuma in his personal capacity

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