SOUTH AFRICA : L-Tido Explains Why He Hasn’t Dropped His Album Yet

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L-Tido Explains Why He Hasn’t Dropped His Album Yet! L-Tido promised his fans that he will be dropping an album during February back when the year started. The month is about to come to an end and the album has not yet hit the stores.

L-Tido’s upcoming album is one of the most anticipated albums of 2018, being a veteran in the game a lot of Hip Hop fans have been waiting for it. The rapper explained why he hasn’t released the album stating that he is already done recording the project in a recent tweet.

“I am sorry guys ,Unfortunately the album ain’t coming out this month . I am done with recording the music , we just have to clear a few samples and take care of some business issues . One thing I will promise though , it will be worth the wait and the delay won’t be too long,” tweeted L-Tido.


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