South Africa: Unpleasant words forced probation officer to leave Momberg interview

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The Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Friday heard from a probation officer who interviewed convicted racist Vicki Momberg‚ then asked to be removed from the case because of unpleasant words uttered by Momberg.

Takalani Sekoba said when she conducted an interview with Momberg in January following her conviction for crimen injuria‚ Momberg said Sekobela would not understand because she was black and Momberg was white.

Sekoba said Momberg also used “undermining” language when she questioned the quality of the probation officer’s interview and spelling mistakes she was allegedly making during the interview.

Sekoba said she was taken aback by the criticism and told Momberg she did not like the way she spoke to her.

“I cannot put the words on the experience I had. I later told my supervisor I cannot continue with the investigation‚” Sekoba said.

Sekoba said the supervisor‚ who was also a social worker‚ provided her with counselling on two occasions.

When asked by Momberg’s lawyer Kevin Lawley what she meant when she said Momberg used “undermining words”‚ Sekoba said Momberg questioned the quality of the interviewing process.

“She said the interview was not conducted in a professional manner. The interview was investigative rather than therapeutic‚” Sekoba said.

However Lawley said he failed to understand how Momberg’s comments could be seen as undermining Sekoba’s credibility.

Sekoba said Momberg’s comments undermined her credibility.

“She said the quality was low. How can she say that?‚” Sekoba said.

The sentencing proceedings continue.

Momberg went on a racist rant shortly after being a victim of a smash-and-grab in Johannesburg back in 2016. She loosely hurled the k-word 48 times at police officers and 10111 operators who had tried to assist following her ordeal.

Her tirade was caught on camera and the video soon went viral.

Momberg‚ who was handed a guilty verdict last year‚ intends to appeal her conviction. However‚ she added she had little faith in the country’s justice system.

Daphney Naidoo‚ who is the head of probation officers‚ told the court last week that Momberg had told Sekoba that black people should get over apartheid‚ asking what they had done to uplift themselves.

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