South Africa: Yield for who? Road sign rampage in plush Durban suburb

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Three road signs were deliberately knocked over in a plush suburb in Durban on Wednesday night – and nobody knows why.

The perpetrator is known and was even captured on camera‚ but residents and Umhlanga local councillor council doubt the police will act.

On Thursday‚ a resident posted on Facebook community page that the signs were deliberately knocked over in Herald Drive‚ Umhlanga Rocks.

“We have camera footage of the incident and where the guilty party spent the night. The police are not interested. Can anybody give me the name and telephone number of somebody in the municipality that cares about ratepayer’s money? Please help‚” he wrote.

On Friday‚ councillor Heinz de Boer was doubtful that police would take the damage to municipal property seriously.

“I am still waiting for the CCTV footage of it and we are busy discussing with the police today whether a criminal case could be opened.”

“The problem with criminal cases is when it’ municipal infrastructure is that I have to tried to open cases before as a councillor but it doesn’t really get taken too seriously. It requires someone senior like a head of a municipal department or the municipal manger to open the case as it technically belongs to the municipality‚” he said.

De Boer said he didn’t know the motive for the act.

“I suspect the person was drunk or on drugs or just malicious. Ultimately ratepayers pay for it so it really is not good.”

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