Spunky Galaxy Releases “Please Call” Two-Pack EP


After the recent success from his previous 2 pack titled “Balancing The Unbalanced” Spunky Galaxy comes back with yet another amazing combo of two amazing songs with separate emotions.

In his new two pack EP which is titled “Please Call”, Spunky Galaxy gives us a different vibe compared to his previous drop. Starting with the song “After Party” which starts off the playlist in a more groove like feeling, giving you the experience of how you would feel if went to a party and found the most beautiful lady looking at you. The song has the full story and if you listen, you’ll be able to connect the dots.

The second song titled “Patjelz” is a continuation of what conspired after the party. Taking a turning out in a way that you wouldn’t expect. Spunky Galaxy is a very prominent artist that is consistently on the rise and this is a great two pack offering to have on your playlist.

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