Stoke-On-Trent: The city divided by a youth club

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Stoke City Council is considering plans for a £3.3m youth hub to be built in the town of Hanley.

Stoke is made up of six towns, and some young people in the city feel it will alienate those who don’t live in Hanley.

They also believe it could lead to more violence by bringing postcode rivalries together in one place.

Dominic, a student and Labour activist, has set up a petition against the centre, believing it will be more of a “violence hub than a youth hub”.

But Jordan, who works at the YMCA in Stoke, thinks the new youth hub might help bring the different towns of Stoke together.

Gemma runs a youth club in the town of Meir and feels the money would be better spent on youth clubs in the six towns of Stoke, rather than in the centre.

This video was created as part of We Are Stoke-on-Trent, a BBC project with people of the city to tell the stories that matter to them.

Produced, narrated and edited by: Ammar Ebrahim

Filmed by: Ammar Ebrahim, Ben Moore and James Stewart

Executive producer: Kimberley Rowell

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