“Stop F*cking Talking To Me”

Uncharacteristically, Wiz Khalifa is seen yelling at a fan.

Wiz Khalifa is usually best known for his cool & laid back demeanor, but that wasn’t the case this weekend. In a rare occurence, Wiz showed some angry emotions, and looked to be yelling at a groupie at a party for interrupting him while he was playing some pinball.

In the footage that surfaced online, the female can be heard saying “concentrate,” right before Wiz gets angry and starts yelling “stop f**king talking to me” as he messes up in pinball. The woman then can be heard saying “I didn’t talk,” to which Wiz again reiterated, “stop fucking talking.”

It’s unclear if Wiz was really that angry over a game of a pinball unless there was some money on the line, but my guess is the video makes it look worse than it really was.

This clip surfaces just weeks after finding out that Wiz is working on his next album, which Juicy J says is coming soon. Check out the viral-clip (below) and let us know your thoughts on the matter.  

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