Summer Baked Shrimp for your outdoor dining goodness.


During these hot summer months in South Africa you don’t want to eat food that’s too rich or heavy. Seafood is great during the summer months. Not only will you get fresh fish and shellfish, but its also the perfect outdoor dining food. These Summer Baked Shrimp are going to come out of the oven perfectly tasty and you can add all of the sides you want. When you serve this to your family, you’ll only hear cutlery in plates as mouths and bellies will be full and satisfied.

Shrimp is full of great protein, giving you a great meal in one bowl, but you need sides. You can get as creative as you want with all of the sides but some savoury rice is always a winner. Make some white or wild rice with a cup of frozen small vegetables and you’ll always have a good time. Slice some avocados with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar for the ultimate lunch or dinner meal. Not only are these Summer Baked Shrimp great for weekend meals, you can enjoy it guilt-free any day of the week.

There’s no food like great seafood. Indulge in something tasty and healthy all in one go with our family-friendly Summer Baked Shrimp with your choice of sides.

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