Earlier today, Summer Walker took to social media to express how watching Blac Chyna get treated badly by her mother, Tokyo Toni, hurt her feelings.

In reference to the mother of two’s former reality series, The Real Blac Chyna, the songstress wrote, “Oh my God… I was just watching Chyna’s show on Zeus cause I finally had some time to myself and I feel so bad for her… Her mom treated her so terrible. Like that was really crazy, my heart hurts.”

As soon as her mother caught wind of the singer’s comments, she instantly fired off, writing lengthy paragraphs in Summer’s comment section. Filled with hateful words and threats, Tokyo started her argument off by saying, “Girl let me tell you something. Don’t open your raggedy mouth with my name coming out of it again.”

She continued her attack by warning her, “I’ll give you something around your neck you’ll never forget. Do you understand me. I’ll Floyd Mayweather you and then drag you like a tractor trailer to a piece of roadkill…” 

Though Tokyo, whose real name is Shalana Jones-Hunter, said some hurtful things, Summer didn’t retaliate to her extent. Under The Shade Room’s post of all the comments, the “Girls Need Love” singer left the mother a message. She wrote, “A hit dog will holler, bless her soul. [white heart emoji]” 

It can be assumed that Summer is unbothered by the entire ordeal, as she’s been posting unrelated content to her IG story following their dispute.