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Suzi Analogue’s Soundcloud LGBT Pride Playlist Should Be Played At Ignorant Levels

SoundCloud has partnered up with different artists in creating special curated pride playlists in celebration of LGBTQ pride month. The month of June celebrates that triumph and the resilience of the queer community throughout the years. The partnership pays homage to LGBTQ artists who started on the platform and also honors New York City pride, which is taking place on June 24.

The music streaming giant has selected a variety of artists coming from different genres like alternative hip-hop artist Suzi Analogue, Morgnx (indie pop), Bright Light Bright Light (electronic act), Lauren Ruth (rocker).

Analogue—born Maya Shipman— is also a producer who loves to craft songs with analog elements. For her playlist, she chooses a bunch of LGBTQ artists that have gotten their start on the streaming service like Kehlani, Princess Nokia, Cakes Da Killa, Young M.A., and Mykki Blanco.

“My Love & Respect For The LGBTQ Community Is Endless & So Many From The Community Have Innovated Music As We Know It, With More Representation Growing Daily,” she wrote on Instagram.



Listen to Suzi’s playlist below:



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