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June 20, 2019 AKA Shades Cassper’s Beef With Prince Kaybee, Black Twitter Roasts Him

AKA Shades Cassper’s Beef With Prince Kaybee, Black Twitter Roasts Him

AKA threw shades on Cassper’s beef with Prince Kaybee and tweeps dragged him like wolves would to a piece of steak, he was told to mind his drinking water diet.

Supa Mega announced that he will be using Twitter for 8 minutes per day and called it a water based diet of minding his own business. When he decided to share a penny for his thoughts which was shade on the ongoing beef of Cassper and Prince, people came at him from all corners.

“Women settle their issues like men, more frequently than actual men these days.

“When all those Men are trash hashtags pop up … it’s the ones who make the most noise that are the most trash … isn’t that obvious?” he added.

Here’s how Tweeps roasted him:

June 19, 2019 Sony Music West Africa appoints Oluwaseun Lloyd a.k.a Banko as General Manager

Sony Music West Africa appoints Oluwaseun Lloyd a.k.a Banko as General Manager

Sony Music West Africa has appointed foremost music entrepreneur and now former President of Davido Music Worldwide, Oluwaseun Lloyd also known as, Banko as its General Manager.

The record company said its partnership with Banko is based on his pure love for the music from Africa and his desire to push the culture for the world to see.

The music entrepreneur horned his craft in the music business in Canada, after which he returned to Nigeria to set up Davido Music Worldwide.

“We have no iota of doubt that the record company is in safe and profitable hands under Banko’s management,” Sony Music West Africa said.

“There is no reason why Apple, Tidal and Spotify should not have their platforms in Africa. African music is overripe for platforms like Apple and Spotify to ignore,” Banko said.

“I will not rest until the voice of every talented West African is heard on the world music stage. From the bubbling city of Lagos, down to the Kente-dressed natives of Ghana, even to the football-governed country of Sierra Leone, let this message be passed into every nook and cranny of West Africa that Sony Music West Africa is here not just to make indigenous stars but build stars of tomorrow that would shine independently,” he continued.

On his big plans for West African artistes, Banko said: “To every young, talented West African with a dream of bringing home the coveted Grammy Awards, we say, wake up from your dreams; the time has come to turn it to reality. In a few days from now, we will be knocking on your doors; do not hesitate to open your them to us.”

June 19, 2019 Here’s What Sway Thinks Of Cassper Nyovest, AKA & Kwesta

Here’s What Sway Thinks Of Cassper Nyovest, AKA & Kwesta

American Hip hop radio host & journalist Sway Colloway was invited to Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast show where he revealed his thoughts about certain rappers from South Africa who have visited his show in the US Sway In The Morning.

Colloway flew to SA a few days ago for the Sway Cypher on Castle Lite Unlocks. During his interview on Metro FM he was sure to answer questions most Hip hop enthusiasts are probably curious to know. Sway touched on the topics ranging from which SA rapper gave the best freestyle rap on his how to what he thinks of Kwesta, Cassper and AKA.

“AKA came into the space, and his whole team absolutely walk with humility, were very beautiful, even contact me beyond their visit. I’ve had great experience with everyone, Kwesta the same thing Nasty C the same thing,” he said.

“Cassper Nyovest was the first to come up on my show and his presence, his business acumen is incredible,” said Sway. “We didn’t know, like, how much of a business mind this man had, and his energy was just… he’s hungry. He stays hungry, so he came up and that opened the door, AKA came by soon after. I understand they have the division, and I’ve always tried to talk to [them], ‘Let’s try make that a little better.’”

“I think Kwesta is important,” said Sway. “I can hear an American style in America really well. Therefore, when I come to South Africa, I wanna feel like I’m learning something from the sound and the dialect. When you incorporate that into hip-hop… so Kwesta, to me, opened to doors to many sounds. And then Stogie T opened doors to sounds. ’cause whenever an artist comes to the show, I do some research and I listen to some of their older projects,” he added.

June 18, 2019 AKA Shares More About His Water Based Diet

AKA Shares More About His Water Based Diet

AKA has evidently been scarce on social media and that raised a number of questions from curious fans.

Last month Supa Mega revealed that from now on he will be spending less time on social media exactly 8 minutes a day.“I’ve got my twitter usage down to a 8min a day average according to screen time. Trust me, your life will get better. Give it a try.”

Earlier today a tweep wrote: “Bhova you are too quiet these days, it appears you are on a water only diet🤔”

The rapper responded by saying that he has been on a water based diet that’s all about minding one’s business. “Correct. It’s a water based diet. Consisting of 3 portions of mind your fucking business per day.”

The tweet as expected had tweeps pose their different views on it, some of them said there was no need for his last part on the tweet. Other couldn’t figure if he was shading the tweep.

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