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Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Fans React To AB Crazy’s Bitter Sweet Ft The Fraternity

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  Fans React To AB Crazy’s Bitter Sweet Ft The Fraternity! AB Crazy has had a rather successful run in the last few years with hits like Sorry getting received well by fans. The rapper recently dropped a single titled Bitter Sweet which features The Fraternity. AB Crazy has featured The Fraternity on his previously successful song Sorry creating a hit. The have come back again with another hit which has a similar sound to that of Sorry. The song has been getting a lot of support from SA Hip Hop fans. ” “They used to say we are trash, but now they listen when we speak…. Awesome joint G,” tweeted one fan who seemed to like the song. A lot of the responses that AB Crazy received for Bitter Sweet have been rather positive. &nb ...
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