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March 19, 2019 Black Twitter Shook To Learn Ntukza Has A White Wife And There Are Girls In His DMs

Black Twitter Shook To Learn Ntukza Has A White Wife And There Are Girls In His DMs

In Memes! Black Twitter Shook To Learn Ntukza Has A White Wife And There Are Girls In His DMs! Monday was a lot to take in on social media and local celebs.

After Rachel Kolisi expeosed a woman in Siya’s DMs, black twitter thought she needed help and needs to stop. One woman who was in support of Rachel is Former Teargas member, Ntukza’s wife who also happens to be white.

Ntukza’s wife shared that she understood Rachel’s frustrations and supports her because she also faces the same struggles. Having girls all up in her husband Ntukza’s DMs. This revelation left black twitter shook that Ntukza has a white wife and there are girls thirsting in his DMs.

Check out some of the reactions below.

March 17, 2019 Kodak Black Says He Punched Sticky Fingaz

Kodak Black Says He Punched Sticky Fingaz

After beefing with Lil Wayne, Kodak Black is revealing an encounter with Sticky Fingaz that turned violent.

Taking to Instagram Live, the “ZEZE” rapper claimed that he assaulted the Brooklyn rap veteran after he stepped onto his tour bus.

“I ain’t like his old head energy, ’cause I don’t really like older people like that,” said Kodak (via Complex). “I’m a ’90s baby. I don’t got no respect for y’all. So, this n***a he was on my bus, like—I ain’t never say this, but tonight I’m gonna say it. This f**k n***a, he was playin’ crazy on my bus, and I ain’t like that. I ain’t even know why my cousin let this f**k n***a [him in] or where he met this n***a at. I ain’t like how he was dancin’, I ain’t like energy. I ain’t like his little ’70 baby, ’80 baby, whatever his generation vibe […] I punched that n***a dead in his shit.”

Kodak then grabbed Sticky Fingaz’ bag and went through it, allegedly finding a gun inside. He attempted to shoot Sticky before discovering that the weapon was fake.

“When I tried to shoot the n***a, his gun was fake,” added Kodak. “I’m like, man, what the f**k? So he went running. But at the same time, I’m feelin’ like, ‘Why you running for if you know your gun fake?’ This n***a an actor n***a, man.”

According to Kodak, the Onyx rapper ran off the bus before he destroyed his camera. Sticky returned with “fake security guards” while Kodak searched his bus to see if his security had left any guns.

“They see their whole bunks flipped over and shit ’cause I was looking for a scrap so I could blow this ni**a back out,” said Kodak.

Watch his account of the run-in below.

March 12, 2019 Black Twitter Drags Cassper Nyovest For “Poor” English And For “Bragging”

Black Twitter Drags Cassper Nyovest For “Poor” English And For “Bragging”

Cassper Nyovest has once again caught himself getting baked and roasted all at once by tweeps who had all types of things to say about the image he shared which sees him chilled on a pool overlooking the the most beautiful view.

Social media is a platform that allows people to express their views on anything how they please, most use the platform to hate while others just show off some love- the people likely to fall victim to all these types pf comments are celebrities and Cassper seems to always be the bait.

Tweeps threw around all kinds of memes and comments for him misspelling the word “their” and just how he brags so much to fans who are making his lavish lifestyle a possibility.

“Niggas is up in thier feelings/ I can’t relate boy I’m chilling.” tweeted Cassper.

Last month the rapper spoke of how he has no time to entertain haters instead will just live large and let them witness his success as a way of punishing them.

“In the beginning of my career I was ready to battle everyone I had a problem with. Rapped about it in my first intro on my first album. Years later we talking about that moment out in North Carolina and I’m punishing them!!! The biggest rapper to ever come out of South Africa.”

March 11, 2019 Kodak Black Show Gets Extra Security After Lil Wayne Beef

Kodak Black Show Gets Extra Security After Lil Wayne Beef

New Orleans police are on high alert in the wake of Kodak Black’s beef with Lil Wayne.

The “ZEZE” rapper has a show scheduled at the Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts in Weezy’s hometown on Thursday (Mar. 14) and the venue is taking precautions to avoid any violence. According to TMZ, the venue’s owners are afraid that Kodak’s recent comments will have some Weezy fans out for revenge.

Last weekend, Kodak was at Miami’s LIV nightclub and expected to see Wayne. When he didn’t show, Kodak got upset and grabbed the mic, lashing out at his “Codeine Dreaming” collaborator.

“Where Lil Wayne at? … You fuckin’ maggot,” he told the crowd. “You should’ve died when you was a baby.”

After the LIV video surfaced, Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, came to her father’s defense. “You new lil rappers need to start giving props and respect to the Goat. My father don’t bother nobody,” she wrote. “He won’t even react to what was said . This man be in his own world so leave him tf alone.”

Kodak returned fire, calling her Wayne’s “little bald-headed daughter.” “Nobody ain’t say nothing to that little girl,” he said. “First of all, nobody ain’t say nothing about your daddy, so don’t be coming at me like that. I ain’t no shawty, I ain’t no peon.”

Reginae’s mother, Toya Wright, also weighed in (“Boy F#CK you”), prompting Kodak to respond: “@toyawright If I Ain’t Have No Girlfriend I’ll Fuck Da Shit Out Yo Fine Ass.”

Security at the Mahalia Jackson Theater will be monitoring social media for any threats about the show. New Orleans police will also provide extra security to ensure Kodak’s safety.