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April 26, 2019 Kodak Black Sings Keyshia Cole In The Shower & Shares Dental Surgery For Permanent Gold Caps

Kodak Black Sings Keyshia Cole In The Shower & Shares Dental Surgery For Permanent Gold Caps

The rapper has had a busy few weeks.

The one thing fans can count on from Kodak Black is comedy, even during a time when he’s facing a number of uphill legal battles. The Florida rapper recently hopped on social media to showcase his vocals by sharing a video of himself in the shower as he belted out Keyshia Cole’s 2005 The Way It Is hit single, “Love.”

The rapper was all smiles in the clip, thankfully only showing himself from the shoulders up. Fans are happy to see Kodak in good spirits, especially following recent reports that while he was on stage during his concert in Washington, D.C., his tour buses were being raided by the authorities. The reports also stated that firearms were located and members of his entourage were arrested, only to later be released.

After Kodak and friends were stopped and arrested at the United States-Canada border, the rapper’s legal troubles continued to increase. He also looks forward to his sexual assault case in South Carolina, a trial that his lawyers are trying to get delayed.

Meanwhile, Kodak shared an intimate moment with his dental hygienist on social media, including clips of himself getting his gold teeth permanently fixtured into his mouth once again. “I Been Doing This Sh*t,” he wrote in the caption of the video showing him undergoing dental surgery. “No Pull Outs All My Teeth Be Permanent !! This My 4th Set Catch Up.”

April 25, 2019 50 Cent To Produce ABC Show About Wrongfully Convicted Black Man

50 Cent To Produce ABC Show About Wrongfully Convicted Black Man

50 Cent is reviving the Isaac Wright Jr’s story for his new show.

50 Cent accumulated several hats in the last decade. Precisely, he went from a successful rap artist to an executive producer and co-creator to one of our favorite television series, Power. Moreover, we have certainly noticed that the jack-of-all-trades enjoys roasting people and engaging in petty behaviors from time to time, as seen with the chronicled back and forth with Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Marie. However, we would be foolish to notice 50 does not toy around when it comes to making big, business moves. As such, the actor and producer teased the formulation of a previously discussed TV pilot in collaboration with ABC via his Instagram.

50 Cent shared a post, confirming he will be working on bringing the story of former inmate Isaac Wright Jr to screens. 

The ex-con was wrongfully incarcerated as a drug kingpin to one of the largest distribution networks in New Jersey. In the remarkable case, the same man managed to overturn his own conviction by thoroughly studying the law while behind bars. Wright also wrote proxies, briefs, and motions which overturned the convictions of 20 other inmates in similar circumstances. Today, Isaac Wright Jr. works as a practicing lawyer within the same courts who previously incarcerated him.  

Ferrari F-50 put dibs on quite the story and we cannot wait to see what he’s going to do with it. He chimes in with a caption, true to his personality: “ABC show based on Isaac Wright jr has tested higher than any other show Sony has produced period. Boom. I’m kinda, a big deal.” The post finishes with a shout out to the rapper’s champagne brand (in true hustler spirits) called Le Chemin Du Roi.  

April 25, 2019 Kodak Black Forced To Switch Venues For Tonight’s NYC Concert

Kodak Black Forced To Switch Venues For Tonight’s NYC Concert

Tonight’s Kodak Black show in NYC will now take place at the United Palace and not the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Twenty minutes ago, Kodak Black jumped on Instagram to clear up any misconceptions regarding the tour dates he was forced to cancel yesterday. Mind you, I do stress the word “misconception” because as it stands, Kodak Black fans in Canada will not be issued “make-up” for the cancellations affecting bookings in Montreal (4/22), Toronto (4/23), and Vancouver (5/7) in the immediate aftermath of his charges being dropped.

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Kodak’s written statement serves two functions. On one end, the post was published to emphasize that his NYC concert will not suffer the same fate, even though it lies between Toronto and Vancouver on his travel itinerary. Secondly, due to the unforeseen circumstances, Kodak Black will be asked to switch venues on a moment’s notice. His statement reads as follows.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances with the original venue,” the memo reads. “KodakBlack’s April 25th show will now take place at the @UnitedPalaceNYC in New York. All tickets for the April 25th Hammerstein Ballroom show will be honored at United Palace. The GA Hammerstein tickets will be exchanged for a seat at United Palace upon admission. Seat locations will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.”

For what it’s worth, Kodak Black did offer his Canadian fans an apology. As it stands, the NYC concert will go on as scheduled (tonight) at the United Palace in place of the Hammerstein Ballroom, so plan accordingly.

April 25, 2019 Meek Mill Talks “Parole System” & “Black America” Face To Face With Dr. Oz

Meek Mill Talks “Parole System” & “Black America” Face To Face With Dr. Oz

Meek Mill takes his prison reform agenda to “The Dr. Oz Show.”

Meek Mill joined Dr. Oz on his daytime talk show this afternoon to pitch his incarceration narrative a much wider audience than before: in the absorption of the homemaker demographic. It’s no secret that Meek Mill’s prison bid inspired him to become a political savant on the outside. The Philly demi-god began his on-air discussion by explaining the method to his graceful manner. 

“Me, I’m a strong individual and I’ve got the drive and determination to make all bad situations turn out to be good,” Mill told Dr. Oz. “But I don’t believe I was given a fair shot on probation.”

Between takes, Meek Mill broke the objectives he and his REFORM Alliance (Jay-Z, Michael Rubin, etc.) hope to carry forth (on an ongoing basis). Hence, Oz found himself inclined to prod deeper into his guest’s personal experiences. Without much hesitation, Meek replied with an intimation of compliance, then set forth on a surprisingly positive note regarding the relationship he established with his PO on the inside.

Bill McCay/WireImage/Getty Images

“I watch a probation officer get up and say, ‘Robert Williams,’ Meek’s real name, ‘He’s a model probationer. He’s done everything we’ve ever asked. We think he’s great.’ The judge started to scream at her. I couldn’t believe it was happening,” he said. “They said, ‘Don’t worry, no one’s ever been sentenced against the recommendation of the probation officer [and] District Attorney in the history that they’ve seen.'”

Jay-Z, Rubin and the other constituent involved in the REFORM Alliance etched the blueprint of their plans while Meek Mill was still imprisoned. The Philly don profited from a series of phone calls and visitations to set the order in motion. Most of the segment is available in two abridged parts (down below). Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below the write-up.