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May 30, 2019 Black Twitter’s Reaction To Yanga Chief Saying : “It’s nice rocking expensive brands comrades”

Black Twitter’s Reaction To Yanga Chief Saying : “It’s nice rocking expensive brands comrades”

Yanga Chief has proven to be one of the rappers who knows just how to put some good fashion together, basically he’s got the kind of swagg most envy. A while back he felt like sharing with his fans how expensive brands aren’t all that.

Utatakho hitmaker emphasized one can look just as appealing without rocking expensive brands. He wrote that smelling nice and wearing ironed clothes is all that matters. “It’s nice rocking expensive brands comrades. But if you can’t afford it’s also nice to just be clean 🧼. Unuke kamnandi nje nempahla ezi ayiniweyo.”

Tweeps reacted differently to the tweet with others saying they can’t even afford smelling nice, others found the tweet hilarious while some agreed with the rapper that being clean matters more than rocking expensive brands.

Here’s how :

May 23, 2019 Kawhi Leonard Offered Expensive Penthouse For Staying In Toronto

Kawhi Leonard Offered Expensive Penthouse For Staying In Toronto

The offer is coming from a Toronto real estate agency.

In just one season, Kawhi Leonard has quickly proven himself to be the best player to ever play for the Toronto Raptors. This summer, the Raptors superstar will become a free agent and is expected to leave the team. Of course, Raptors fans want Leonard to re-sign with the squad, even though it seems unlikely. Regardless, people throughout the city are pulling out all of the stops just to keep Kawhi in Toronto. In fact, one Toronto real estate agency is offering the former Finals MVP a free multi-million-dollar penthouse if he stays.

According to Narcity, the Condo Store Realty Inc wants to give the superstar his choice of three penthouses at the Four Seasons, St. Regis or Ritz-Carlton hotels in downtown Toronto. Condo Store CEO Simon Mass spoke to Narcity about the offer, saying Kawhi is more than deserving of the superstar treatment.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“We want to do what we can to ensure that our MVP stays in Toronto,” Mass said. “Where he is loved and respected for being the ‘best of the best’ for the basketball-loving public of Toronto and Canada. We are throwing everything we have at The Condo Store to show Kawhi how much we appreciate his efforts to date and his future commitment to Canada’s only NBA franchise.”

Leonard is surely more focused on the NBA Playoffs right now as the Raptors are tied 2-2 with the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals.

May 21, 2019 Hushpuppi’s New Expensive Maybach And It’s Worth

Hushpuppi’s New Expensive Maybach And It’s Worth


The popularly known big boy, Hushpuppi, has just bought himself a Maybach worth $650. The big boy, whom everyone believes is also a Yahoo boy, shares this on his Instagram page.

Hushpuppi is based in Dubai and has been flaunting his expensive items for a really long time. He writes:

Bought myself that S650 Maybach like 🤷‍♂️

April 14, 2019 CBS Employees Worry Gayle King Is Too Expensive To Keep: Report

CBS Employees Worry Gayle King Is Too Expensive To Keep: Report

Gayle King’s CBS contract has taken a while to complete.

Television personality Gayle King has been apart of CBS This Morning since 2012 and has made a recognized name for herself even before her time with the television show. More recently, Gayle has been praised for her calm and collective manner during her interview with R. Kelly where the singer exploded in a tearful, snot induced behavior.  

Page Six now reports that Gayle’s contract renewal with CBS is taking some time and staffers are worried it’s because the network can’t afford her. Gayle is currently getting $5.5 million annually and the proposed contract would double that. “It’s not like CBS News can all of a sudden find ABC or NBC money — it has to come from somewhere,” a source told the publication. CBS’ new president Susan Zirinsky has been given extra money to secure good talent, but the source added how “there’s not that much!”

“The big priority is keeping Gayle. The only thing that would really hurt CBS News at the moment is losing her,” another CBS employee revealed to the publication. 

Gayle was recently asked how negotiations were going with the network and she responded: “I never ever discuss contracts in the media. I think the best place to discuss a contract is with CBS.”