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June 5, 2019 Young Thug Allegedly Told Journalist He’s “Too Rich To Be Gay”

Young Thug Allegedly Told Journalist He’s “Too Rich To Be Gay”

Mats Nileskär speaks about Young Thug’s reaction to a question about the gay scene in Atlanta.

Young Thug is one of the most unusual figures in the hip-hop world. His style can be described as androgynous at times and at others, Thug can be spotted rocking outfits complete with traditional women’s garments. Because of that, his sexuality has been called into question more than a few times. Because he wore a dress on the cover of Jeffery, people assume that the rapper must be fluid in his sexuality. The artist has maintained that he is a heterosexual man though, enjoying an on-off relationship with Jerrika Karlae. Mats Nileskär, a hip-hop journalist who has spoken to thousands of artists, hopped onto Reddit yesterday for an “Ask Me Anything” session where he spoke about the time he spent with Thugger, revealing that the star had actually gotten frustrated at one question about the gay scene in Atlanta.

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When a user asked if Young Thug was a weird dude in person, Mats said that the rapper is not weird at all. “Pretty sweet, but slightly sensitive when we talked about ATL gayscene,” said the journalist. When he was asked to elaborate, he said, “My question was pretty simple: ‘You being this inventive gender bender – did you get any inspiration from the ATL gayscene?’. And then he became pretty mad and ended his tantrum with ‘I am too rich to be gay.'”

Nileskär has interviewed Kanye West, Aretha Franklin, Jay-Z and countless other legends. He also spoke to Tupac Shakur in an interview that was later added to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly album. On the moment he found out the interview would be used on TPAB, Nileskär said, “Dave Free called me in the middle of the night and said ‘At last, I found you man. Kendrick hasn’t been sleeping for a couple of weeks. He was worried that we couldn’t find you. We made an art piece and we wanna use your interview’. And I said ‘Take the motherfucker’. I always had a crazy dream of being a small part of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, and the stage was already set for TPAB to become one of the albums of the 10’s.”

What do you make of Young Thug’s alleged comments?

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June 3, 2019 Is Teni gay? – Speed Darlington asks after singer rocked a rainbow coloured socks at UK event

Is Teni gay? – Speed Darlington asks after singer rocked a rainbow coloured socks at UK event

Controversial musician and internet sensation Speed Darlington recently made a comment about popular female singer Teniola Apata. He insinuated that she might be gay.

The controversial individual made this point after Teni rocked a rainbow coloured socks at an event held in the United Kingdom.

Teni performed at The Ends Festival in UK which normally holds during the month of June which is known as the LGBT Pride Month.

May 23, 2019 Ik Ogbonna reacts as Tonto Dikeh claims he is gay

Ik Ogbonna reacts as Tonto Dikeh claims he is gay

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has reacted to the ‘darts’ thrown at him by Actress Tonto Dike, where the latter alleged ‘he is gay.’

Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, had taken to her Instagram page on Wednesday, calling out her fellow colleagues whom she claims are gay and perpetual beggers in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

DAILY POST had equally reported how Miss Dike threatened Ani Idibia and her husband, 2face.

Tonto, via her Instagram page, also announced that she was in a new relationship.

She warned that she won’t want any of the celebrities to beg the unnamed man for assistance.

The divorcee, on Wednesday, threatened to expose the gays in the industry including Ik Ogbonna whom she alleged was one.

Ogbonna, had once been accused on social media for the same gay allegation.

But apparently reacting to Miss Dike’s comment, Ik Ogbonna had sent out what appears like an innuendo in an Instagram post, saying ‘’ A dog who barks deserves to be thrown a bone.’’

May 18, 2019 Shemar Moore Responds To Fan Calling Him Gay, Says He Would Turn Her Out

Shemar Moore Responds To Fan Calling Him Gay, Says He Would Turn Her Out

He was just trying to take a shirtless selfie.

A shirtless Shemar Moore isn’t hard to find as he’s often topless in music videos, television shows, movies, or social media. His physique has been a talking point throughout his career, but so have rumors about the actor’s sexuality. For years people have stated that Moore is gay, and no matter how many times he flatly denies the accusations, the public doesn’t seem to let up and let the man live.

Case in point, earlier today Moore shared an image of his bare chest while writing that he’s working on getting back into tip-top shape. He used the opportunity to motivate others who may be struggling with adhering to similar weight loss goals. “It’s Fridaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!!!! I (am 49) and am getting my 33 year old body BACK,” Moore wrote. “By busting my whole entire ass in the gym, lifting weights, running, stairs, hiking, cycling, boxing, swimming, massages, dieting, SLEEPING!!!! Just gotta ask yourself in life, no matter what or who it is…. ‘HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT… or…. ‘HER’…… hmmmmm 😏😉🧡?!…… if you TRULY BELIEVE IN YOU then SHUT YO MOUTH n GO GET IT DONE!!!!!!! It’s gonna HURT and it can get OVERWHELMING and LONELY, at times feel impossible…. so what??!!! STOP making excuses n JUST GET IT DONE!!!!!”

Instead of just thanking him for the social media pep talk and being on her way, a woman slid in his comments to let him know that he doesn’t have to keep acting as if he’s interested in women. “Seriously, stop trying so hard. IT’S OK THAT YOU’RE GAY! We still love you!” she wrote. Moore could have ignored her comment but instead, he let her know that he’s ready and willing to show just how heterosexual he is.

“Introduce me to your man so I can turn him DOWN and YOU…OUT!!!” he replied. “Keep playing with me…I’m READY!!!!” Within minutes there were plenty of responses from those who were ready and willing to volunteer as tribute. The commenter, however, decided not to respond and take him up on his offer.