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June 7, 2019 Here’s What SA Rappers Think Is Missing On SA Hip Hop

Here’s What SA Rappers Think Is Missing On SA Hip Hop

Junior DeRock posed a question that caught the attention of SA rappers, the rapper asked “What is missing in SA Hip Hop”.

In hip hop almost everything is always up for debate, others feel the genre can do better while others feel it has grown so much. The question of what is missing in SA Hip hop also revealed how the main cause that is preventing growth is the hate and competition. Others spoke of how the industry give rise to others while disregarding some.

Rappers also and other celebrities shared their thoughts, which was more fitting since they are in the industry and experiencing some of the things first hand.

“Niggas should stop looking for what’s missing in SA hip hop. The other day, my friend left his phone at my crib and i came across this WhatsApp group of hip hop djs in SA. All niggas talk about is who they hate and what they hate about them. My name was obviously top of the tops,” wrote Cassper.

June 6, 2019 Chicago Rapper Billy Da Kid Goes Missing After Possible Home Invasion

Chicago Rapper Billy Da Kid Goes Missing After Possible Home Invasion

Billy Da Kid’s manager let his fans know that the rapper is missing.

As reported by HipHopDX, a Chicago rapper named Billy Da Kid has gone missing. Also known as EBE Bandz, the artist has reportedly not been in contact with anybody since May 26. His manager provided an update on his social pages and asked everybody to keep an eye out for Billy Da Kid.

“The last people I know he talked to talked to him Sunday in the early AM when he was driving home,” said his manager Big C about Billy. “His car was found in his Garage today and his house was trashed.” People have been suspicious about the missing person report, which led Big C to remind people that this isn’t a prank they’re pulling on people. “He is really missing this is not a joke,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Rockford police has confirmed that the rapper, whose real name is William Andersen, is missing. There have been conflicting reports that he was found dead in a car but his body has not yet been found. There was reportedly some suspicious activity outside of Bandz’ home when two girls were outside of the property. Billy Da Kid allegedly walked out with a gun and pointed it at the girls, one of whom was 16-years-old. One of the girls had accused Bandz’ uncle of looking at them “sexually,” which apparently led to the argument. 

If you have any information on Billy Da Kid’s whereabouts, please call 312-909-3754.

June 6, 2019 Nicki Minaj “Missing” Posters Being Plastered Across Town By Fans

Nicki Minaj “Missing” Posters Being Plastered Across Town By Fans

Is she pregnant? Releasing new music? Or just chillin’?

Last year, Nicki Minaj went missing from the public eye for months and when she returned, she told the world that she would be releasing a brand new album in the summer. Her social media hiatus ended and she went back to interacting with her loyal Barbs on a daily basis. Once again, Nicki has been absent from the game for months. The last time she made a public appearance was at the Met Gala, which happened a month ago. After her strange behaviour at the party, people began to worry about the Queen, with some assuming that she could be trying to hide a pregnancy. Now, fans have taken her “missing” status to a new extreme by printing posters of the superstar and asking if anybody has seen her around.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The last time Nicki impacted social media was in mid-April when she shared a link to her “Wobble Up” appearance on Chris Brown’s track. Since then, she’s been nowhere to be found and her fans are starting to get worried. Missing posters are being pasted all over the place with information included to describe the rapper. Nicknames are included with her height, race, and more listed in full detail along with the frequency of her sexual habits, as if that will help find her.

Fans have a few theories that would explain her inactivity. The most popular one seems to be that she’s pregnant. Nicki has told the world that she wants to have babies with her boyfriend Kenneth Petty so there might be one on the way. Another popular reaction is that she’s preparing to drop some new music. If she’s not doing one of the aforementioned things, she’s probably just chilling and enjoying life.

May 28, 2019 Chick-Fil-A Honors Memorial Day With “Missing Man Table” For Fallen Soldiers

Chick-Fil-A Honors Memorial Day With “Missing Man Table” For Fallen Soldiers

The Tennesse location honored fallen soldiers.

WHJL news recently reported on an incredible story. A Tennessee Chick-Fil-A greeted its customers with a reminder of the meaning and significance of Memorial Day. Although the holiday grants citizens with a long weekend wherein many take up celebrations and parties, it does mean much more than a few days away from work duties. As such, the fast food restaurant located in Johnson City ensured to remind everyone of that. 

Tom Brenner/Getty Images

Upon entering the Chick-Fil-A, customers immediately came in contact with a special area designated for Memorial Day in the West Market Street restaurant. The table was referred to as being the “Missing Man Table” and was set-up in remembrance of the missing comrades in arms. The table consisted of a number of purposely selected items which included a single red rose, a candle, Bible, and plate. There was also a small document that cited some kind words in honor of the fallen soldiers. 

The National League of American Prisoners and Missing in South Asia, also known as the POW/MIA Families shared these words in relevance to the Memorial Day table set-up: “The single red rose reminds us of the lives of these Americans….and their loved ones and friends who keep the faith, while seeking answers.”