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Skeem Saam's Charles Maja

Skeem Saam’s Charles Maja

LV EDITORIAL : Five interesting facts about Skeem Saam’s Charles Maja

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Five interesting facts about Skeem Saam's Charles Maja A veteran actor with so much to still teach in the industry.     His character - Big Boy may not be a favourite with Skeem Saam viewers, but Mr. Maja is a well-respected actor in the industry who still has a lot to offer. Besides being seen as an alcoholic and terrible father, Charles is actually a loving husband, father, and grandfather. Here are a few facts we've come to learn about Charles:   1. Charles is 61-years-old and is a grandfather of two of his grandkids. 2. In an interview with Drum magazine, he revealed that he designs his own clothes and that he actually thought that he would be a fully fledged fashion designer. He only buys shoes and a few other items of clothing but the rest of his clothes he makes for himself ...
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