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Tesla’s quarterly sales fell for the first time

Tesla reported on the volume of production and deliveries of electric cars in the second quarter of this year. On an annualized basis, growth took place despite a number of difficulties, but compared to the first quarter, there was a decline. The company also noted that last June was the …

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It’s time to consider proper fuel saving

There is one old saying which most South Africans hope will come true… and sooner rather than later. That is: What goes up must come down. The cause of most of our pain, when it comes to the spiralling cost of living is, interestingly, from outside our borders. The Russia-Ukraine …

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Why Young Thug Is One Of The Greatest Of All Time

Disrupt (verb): To successfully challenge (established businesses, products, or services) by using an innovation (such as a new technology or business model) to gain a foothold in a marginal or new segment of the market and then fundamentally changing the nature of the market [via Merriam-Webster]. Throughout the history of …

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