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Spotify Takes Khuli Chana’s ‘Wangthola’ International

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  Spotify Takes Khuli Chana’s ‘Wangthola’ International! It seems like the launching of Spotify in South Africa has had a number of benefits for the SA Hip Hop community as a whole. The fact that the streaming service is the biggest music streaming site in the world is an advantage for SA rappers on its own. Khuli Chana and Aewon Wolf recently left the country for the United States of America. Whilst in the USA, Khuli Chana shared a short video of a Spotify advert that is up in New York showing the rapper and Aewon Wolf on it advertising his single Wangthola. This clearly shows just how far SA Hip Hop is going with all the opportunities that are coming up for SA rappers. The advertisement is definitely something that will gain both the artists and the single more exposure to the outside world.   ...
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