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Teen Opens Fire At A Virginia High School, Injures 2 Classmates: Report

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The shooter reportedly got into a physical altercation with one of the victims just prior to the incident.

A shooting at a Newport News school has taken over headlines in Virginia following an altercation that left two students injured days ago. While details regarding the shooting remain relatively scarce, it has been reported by CBS News that a “male juvenile” from Heritage High School was taken into custody following the incident. 

According to reports, Police Chief Steve Drew stated that there was “some type of altercation” between the perpetrator and the victims, adding that they all knew one another.

The victims were both described as being 17 years old: a male who “was shot in the side of the face” and a “female student” who “was shot in the lower leg.” Two other students were also taken to the hospital for treatment, but they were not injured in the incident. One student was treated for a broken arm, an injury that reportedly occurred during the fray, and another suffered an asthma attack.

It is believed that the 15-year-old shooter was involved in a physical altercation with one of his victims and opened fire in the school’s hallway. The shooter reportedly was already fitted with an ankle monitor tracking device. 

“Every kid does not walk through a wand every day in most public schools, but I feel that we actively provide some level of deterrence for our students on a daily basis to ensure that our schools are safe,” said Schools Superintendent George Parker III.


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