The Class of 2020 may not have been able to accept their awards, diplomas, or certificates, but celebrities and influencers are making sure that they aren’t forgotten. The COVID-19 pandemic has halted schools and universities from holding ceremonies to honors its graduates, but people like Barack and Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Lil Nas X, Jennifer Garner, LeBron James, Kerry Washington, Zendaya, and Alicia Keys are just a handful of people who have sent kind words and encouragements to the Class of 2020. Additionally, Teyana Taylor has released her track “Made It” along with a music video that acts as a congratulatory visual to those who have reached their latest goal of graduating.

On Friday, Teyana Taylor shared her new track long with a second release, “Bare Wit Me.” While “Bare Wit Me” is more of a sultry vibe, “We Made It” is more uptempo with lyrics that lean toward self-love. These releases are all leading up to Teyana dropping her forthcoming project THE ALBUM, so make sure to keep your eyes open for that. In the meantime, check out “Made It” below.

Quotable Lyrics

It’s been a long time comin’ (Comin’)
All these blessings rollin’ in, I ain’t even see ’em comin’ (Comin’)
Too hard, too hard, I been goin’ too hard now (Ha)
They say I need a vacation, say I need to slow down
And I ain’t tryna slow down
Pretty face with a bad attitude (Bad attitude)
Workin’ like I got too much to lose (Too much to lose)
Built this sh*t up on two by two’s
I want it now, I paid too many dues


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