The Secret Between Oby And Kumkani Has Been Revealed.

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Generations: The Legacy: The secret between Oby and Kumkani has been revealed.

Ever since Kumkani got back, he is trading human organs for his wife Oby. Tshidi hired Lucy to investigate Oby. She discovered that 2 of her ex-husbands died due to liver failure. Tshidi witnessed Oby eating human liver with Kumkani by her side. Tshidi still loves Kumkani and wants nothing bad to happen to him. We are curious about what happened to Fikile after she drank Oby’s tea. Ayanda took a sample of the tea, she wants to get it tested.
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C2 21

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Are the police going to get to the bottom of this?

Kabini Moroka is going to lay a complaint against Luloyo because he gave him the wrong pills. It’s clear that Luloyo is not focused because of the drama between him and Tracy.

Tracy and Mazwi are madly in love. They are just keeping their relationship a secret for now. Tracy is lonely and jealous of them.

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