The Story Of How Bonang And Somizi Became Friends Again

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In Their Own Words! The Story Of How Bonang And Somizi Became Friends Again! Social media went crazy Monday afternoon after Somizi made a surprise appearance at Bonang’s event.

The former friends who have rekindled their friendship after three years posed for photos, chatted up and were seen giggling and laughing just like the old times. So if like us you’ve been wondering how and when the reunion happened, Somizi and Bonang have finally spoken out.

Their public reunion continued Tuesday morning when Bonang was a guest on Metro FM’s Breakfast Show with DJ Fresh and crew which includes Somizi. He welcomed Bonang with a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

Whilst on air, DJ Fresh asked how they came to be friends again. “She came to me and says, ‘I missed you friend’ and I said, ‘I missed you too’ and we kissed….that’s it….we knew,” Somizi said. Bonang agreed simply saying, “that’ it. That was the end of that.”

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