Things heat up in the Royal Zulu family – Late King Zwelithini’s will allegedly forged

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Queen Mantfombi Dlamini

The passing away of both King Zwelithini and Queen Mantfombi Dlamini in a short space of time has split the Royal Zulu family.

Queen Sibongile Dlamini Zulu and her daughters have rushed to court to challenge the late king’s will, and it seems likely they will contest more than the will.

The Royal house seems destined for divisions, squabbles, and battles!

King Zwelithini’s first wife, Queen Sibongile Dlamini Zulu and her two daughters are contesting the king’s will and seek to interdict the naming of his successor.

Queen Sibongile argues in her affidavit the publication has seen that her marriage to the king in 1969 was in community of property, and she’s entitled to 50% of his estate.

“On 27 December 1969 I married the late Isilo. Our marriage was in community of property and of profit and loss. That means that as a consequence of that marriage, the late Isilo could not enter into any other marriage, whether civil or customary. This means, I own fifty percent (50%) of the entire estate. I stand to be prejudiced because Ibambabukhosi and a new Isilo can dispose of property which belongs to me,” reads parts of her statement.

Queen Mantfombi was expected to give the throne to her son Prince Misuzulu, but insiders said it will be difficult for him without his parents.

“He was raised overseas,” said an insider.

“It will be difficult for him without many royal members behind him.”

Queen Sibongile claims the decision to appoint Queen Mantfombi was culturally flawed as she could not have been regent while she was in mourning, as Zulu culture dictates.

5 Royal Zulu Queens

Insiders told Daily Sun they suspected the King Zwelithini’s brother, Prince Mbonisi Zulu, was also after the throne and her sister Princess Thembi Zulu Ndlovu was supporting him.

On Sunday, 2 May a WhatsApp voice note was leaked from Princess Thembi in which she urges Zulu royal members to go to KwaKhangelamankengane Palace.

“Let us all meet at KwaKhangelamankengane to mourn,” said the note.

“After that I will talk about the way forward privately. ”

She said: “Please tell others, there is something important to do now. This is the right time to do it as we will be together at KwaKhangelamankengane, prepare your minds, I will not give more details here.”

Princess Thembi and Princess Mbonisi were accused of undermining the late Regent Queen Mantfombi and traditional Prime Minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi by holding parallel private meetings. Insiders said all hidden squabbles were coming out and they suspected that Princes Thembi was organising a meeting to convince other royal house members to back Prince Mbonisi for the throne.

The first queen in the court bid is the mother of late Prince Lethukuthula Zulu from KwaKhethomthandayo royal palace. Another insider confirmed that Queen Sibongile wished to inherit 50% of the king’s assets, leaving the rest to the other five queens to share. First wife’s daughters, Princess Ntandoyenkosi and Princess Ntombizosuthu believe their father’s signature was forged and have launched a separate court bid. Insiders said it seemed like others wanted to undermine Buthelezi’s authority as traditional prime minister.

“First queen and her daughters are ready to fight. They want Princess Ntandoyenkosi to be a regent to pass the throne to late Prince Lethukuthula’s son,” said another insider.

Buthelezi asked the media and historians to give them space.

Princess Thembi’s phone was off when called to comment on the WhatsApp voice note. At the time of going to print the Zulu royals were locked in a family meeting. It was expected that Buthelezi would address the media after the meeting.

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