Thuso Mbedu – “I remember when it hurt to hope”


Thuso Mbedu inspired her followers on social media by sharing experience of her dark period.

Thuso might be living her best life now and living up her dreams but there was a time “hope hurts” to her.

Taking to Twitter, the actress said 3 years ago was a very ugly, as it looked like the hurt and pain back then will take a life time.

“I remember when it hurt to hope. There was a time in my life where no hope was better than false hope because it hurt to hope. This was three years ago. Feels like a lifetime ago.” Thuso tweeted.

Recently on Instagram, she’s scooped beautiful portrait snaps of herself and sometimes, she captions it with mind-blowing write-ups. Though, no idea if the photos are just for fun or it’s attached to a deal.

Check out some of the photos here:


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