Ever since the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival back in November, Travis Scott has lost a lot of public favor. Many believe he is completely at fault for the 10 deaths that occurred at the concert, and that he needs to help out the families of the victims. Scott has attempted to do this, although some of the families have basically told him to go away, as they don’t want anything to do with him given the circumstances of what went down just three months ago.

Following the tragedy, many festivals immediately took Travis off of their lineups. Of course, one such festival was Coachella, which is set to have a star-studded lineup. According to TMZ, many fans are upset with this decision, and they are even launching a petition to try and get him back on the schedule.

Travis Scott

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This petition currently has a total of 70,000 signatures, and the organizers want to see Kanye West get involved. They believe Ye should be allowed to bring out Travis during his set, which would certainly be an interesting sign to behold. In fact, the petition reads: “After Coachella unfairly removed Travis Scott for Harry Styles, they need to do the right thing and rebook him immediately.”

At this point, it seems very unlikely that Coachella would acquiesce to the petition, especially when you consider what happened the last time Travis was on a big stage. The event is liable for any injuries, and while Scott may have learned his lesson, it may not be worth the risk this year.

Travis Scott

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