September 19, 2021
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Twitter Reacts To DDG’s Strange Lemon Pepper Wings

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DDG recently cooked up some lemon pepper wings, and a lot of fans are grossed out.

Against all odds, DDG was recently crowned one of the 2021 XXL Freshmen. The vlogger-turned-rapper-turned-boxer is clearly a man of many creative and athletic talents, and despite people labeling him as just a YouTube personality, DDG has reached unbelievable heights in the music industry.

Coming off of an energetic Rolling Loud performance, the Die 4 Respect artist decided to peel back another layer to his artistry by showing off his cooking skills, but unfortunately, it immediately backfired. Taking to Twitter to brag about his cooking skills, DDG shared a picture of some strange-looking lemon pepper wings along with the caption, “just whipped up some lemon pepper wings!! if i cook for her, she mine.” Apparently, the XXL Freshman has a rather peculiar recipe for his fried chicken though, because the chicken doesn’t look like the typical lemon pepper wings that one would order from a restaurant.

As more fans continue to react to the appearance of the rapper’s chicken wings, they have subsequently caused DDG’s weird wings to go viral. As a result, Twitter users have been bashing DDG’s cooking skills, joking that his girlfriend is going to be really disappointed, and comparing his strange-looking wings to Long John Silver’s battered fish.

With some fans absolutely confused and others utterly disgusted, here are some of the best Twitter reactions to DDG’s lemon pepper wings so far.

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