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Twitter Ridicules Quavo, Lil Baby, Saweetie, & Jayda Cheaves For Their “Corny” Relationship Drama

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Does anyone know what’s going on with these four right now?

Trying to have a relationship in the spotlight can’t be easy, especially when you have millions of people watching your every move. For the past few days, rumours about a fling between “Icy Chain” rapper Saweetie and Lil Baby have been running rampant. The Atlanta native initially shut down the speculation, but his since-deleted tweet has raised a few eyebrows.

After sleuths realized that Saweetie likely shared a sneaky photo of Baby’s legs and feet (that’s now also been deleted) in a photo dump, word only began to fly faster, prompting the Icy Girl’s ex, and Lil Baby’s Quality Control label mate, Quavo, to speak out. “Ain’t trippin we can swap it out! #QCTheLabel” he wrote on his Instagram story.

Posts on The Shade Room revealed that Jayda had double tapped their screenshot of the Migos member’s upload, seemingly co-signing the message. When she began trending on Twitter shortly after, she screenshotted it and posted it to her account, writing, “I ain’t even do [nun].”

There’s no denying that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the drama. While Saweetie has no problem soft launching her apparent situationship with Baby, he clearly wants to remain as a single man – to the eyes of the public, anyway. Quavo and his ex have had their issues in the past, so it’s entirely possible that his most recent comments could spark another feud.

Twitter users have been having a field day commenting on the situation, with many cracking hilarious jokes while others question why Saweetie would leave Quavo for his rumoured infidelity, only to partner up with Lil Baby, who realistically doesn’t have a much better track record.

What do you think of the celebrity love square that’s unfolding before us? Leave a comment and let us know.

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