Tyra Banks Speaks About Harvard Business College Life and Living in a Dormitory

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Tyra Banks is all about business at her college.

The supermodel took to her Instagram today to share a photo of herself sitting in her dorm, with a caption in which talked about college life.

“I am sitting in my @harvardhbs dorm pondering the massive undertaking of @ModelLand that launches later this year,” she began, adding, “I have returned to school to refresh the knowledge I gained and to make sure I am more than equipped to bring you an attraction like you’ve never experienced before.”

She added that the dormitory is a “place that allows you to be the fantasy version of yourself. The genius professors here at #HBS are sharing their world-class knowledge so that I can then take that and give YOU what you deserve.”

And she said a lot more. See her post below:

tyra banks

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