Tyson Sybateli pays homage to his late friend with his latest offering, Eve – Texx and the City


It’s disheartening when you have to leave home in search of greener pastures because your immediate environment doesn’t provide the education, job opportunities, or support structures you needs to realize your dreams. Pretoria-based MC and producer, Tyson Sybateli, is no stranger to this reality, as well as the nuance of trauma he experienced along the way.

His latest release Eve is a tell-all tale nested in the Nas-esque ethos of I. Will. Not. Lose lyricism. The grand piano intro “2 & 22.02.2022” sets the tone of the 7-track body of work that follows a slew of chart-topping releases. 

Eve is an ode to a fallen friend who pulled Tyson out of his darkest months, produced by a tight-knit Pretoria/East Rand Johannesburg community including Beatshoven, DoouShii, Feziekk, Francis Jay, JAK, Oshoku and Sybateli himself. The contrast of tracks like “Nobody Home” (with WalterCanAutotune) and the bar-for-bar lyrical spar “Laundry Day” (with Wordz) makes Eve a well-rounded way of not allowing his late friend to be remembered in vain, but rather celebrated with Sybateli’s continual path to success. 

While Tyson may not understand the full weight of what coming home entails, especially in the face of the loss he has endured, his full-length offering Home, slated for release on the day of many two’s (aka 2nd February 2022) could very well be the healing set by the precedence of Eve. May the fallen friend Rest in Party because his memory is being celebrated relentlessly down here.

Feature pic supplied by artist.

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