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June 16, 2019 AFSA ‘19 VOTING


All Funaab Students Award ‘AFSA’ celebrates achievements innovations, creativity and above all CHAMPIONS.

The Maiden and Second edition were massive and incredibly successful as they got vibrant responses and interactions from neighboring institutions and Top Celebrity Acts.

AFSA season 3 is tagged THE NEW ERA, this platform is said to showcase and celebrate the most significant, dynamic and revolutionary students that are shaping the future of the school socially, academically, politically etc. .

The Award will also feature exceptional categories tagged “Recognition Award” which main focus is to celebrate Teaching and Non Teaching Staffs, Alumni and many more who have one way or the other contributed to the development of the social, moral and political life of our prestigious university.

Non Voting Categories

Most Expensive M/F

Tade Uthman


Isaac Nerd

Rebecca Tade

Money Bag


Tunde SC

Taiwo Hazan

Ondo Boy

La Femi

Lowkey Money

Golden Boy


Little Mighty

Big Joe SSLM 

Fetuga  Oba Hommie

Wale Morata


Crusher West


Raheem Bhanks

Timmy Turner

Most Sophisticated M/F

OG Starter






Ish Mayor

Uzoor Kurama


Mario Billing





Oluwa YB

Afo Kosemani



Revelation Of The Year

Oloba Kay

Dj Maheel

Pinky Jnr

Little Mighty





Mr & Mrs Personality 

Adura 500l

Isaac Nerd

Dimex AGAD 300L

Rebecca Tade 

Jumia Jasper

Nelson Folarin

Zino Gas

Abdul UEM

Pinky Jnr

CEO Of The Year

CEO Dabkit Store

CEO Khuz Clothings

CEO Bhanks Ent

CEO Unified Estate Management 


To Be Decided At The Event

Man Of The Year

To be Decided At The Event

May 13, 2019 Roxanne’s clothing presents the UNTAMED FASHION SHOW

Roxanne’s clothing presents the UNTAMED FASHION SHOW

Untamed fashion show

Fashion plays an increasingly important role in an individual’s life because, it is considered the means of self expression. Expression of one’s character, confidence, self knowledge, self acceptance, style, class, religion, tradition, choice, mood, feeling and one’s spirit.Fashion has over time transcended from just a form of expression to being a means of celebrating one’s uniqueness and way of life. Therefore fashion has been a form of entertainment; and it isn’t just about clothing, but a total way of life.

A fashion show instantaneously brings to mind a flash of colours and a flash of glamor. Through the ages, different fashion styles have come and gone and many of them resurrect in other generations to be more refined and more appreciated.

The UNTAMED FASHION SHOW is an initiative of the Roxanne’s clothing aimed at bringing every person who nurtures an innate desire of looking good and feeling accepted in the socio-economic circle to celebrate the art that gives room for everyone to express themselves daily and unleash their identity and find a common ground for fashion designers to experiment with different looks, styles and textures.

Be a part of history as fashion is given a whole new meaning come June 30 2019.

Venue: De Mix Event Centre, Ughelli, Delta State.

For more information and details kindly contact this numbers: +2348078610711, +2348132226314 or email the organizer

May 7, 2019 Book Review: Changed Dynamics – Prince Benjamin

Book Review: Changed Dynamics – Prince Benjamin

The voice of the universe has been a mystery, non could unveil its full truth. For thousands of years of mankind’s history, human search for this truth has led many pathways.

The message of the universe is now available to humanity in simplicity. Achievement of change in any aspect of your life to live effectively, efficiently, happily and fulfilled is made possible with this guide.Great life puzzle quest such as; in core of great best powerful policies, leaders, advice, wealth, financial experts/advisor, counselors/guidance, spiritual leaders, gurus and knowledge available change is yet unachieved and seems impossible to many.Life is controlled by two powerful forces which are time and change. We pay attention to time and ignore change, see how to be the change you want. This master piece is a proven blueprint and foundation of all change reality.The secret of all heroes of change are made vocal and easily to abide hence you can make your change dream or wish life possible. Every one can achieve any change they seek but it can only be possible by Engaging the necessary step.
THIS BOOK AND GUIDE REVEALS THE FOLLOWING:1) Why you must not accept your present state as a final destination of who you are.2) How to take meaningful step in actualizing your desirable change.3) When is right for you to act for your change.4) Who you are with regard to the type of change you want.5) You are the only one who can change your life and no one will.
This book is for change seekers, change agent and humanity in general to achieve a fulfilled, effective and efficient life on earth.
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For more information contact the author on Facebook : Prince Benjamin