#VoetsekANC trends on ANC’s 109th birthday

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January 8 marks another #VoetsekANC Friday. The hashtag caught on in the past when South Africans began using it on Fridays to express their frustrations with the ruling party.

South Africans took to Twitter to ask why the ANC was celebrating when it hasn’t actually done anything for the public but steal. They called the 109 years celebration the 109 years of looting.

While some users were listing all the things they found wrong about the ANC such as poor communication, looting of funds meant for Covid-19, and running the economy into the ground, some users came to ANC’s defence calling the #VoetsekANC supporters ungrateful and saying they did not appreciate what the party had done for South Africa.

This Friday, it was Pallo Jordan’s turn to take the heat. The former ANC national executive committee member was criticized for his interview on Morning Live. Twitter accused Jordan of defending incompetence and corruption.

See Jordan’s interview below, courtesy of the SABC.

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Mzansi stars Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini, are the cutest thing ever, and although they are trying to keep all aspects of rekindling their love hush-hush, we love those rare moments when they give us glimpses of their dates and their co-parenting skills.

Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini

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