Super Bowl winner Von Miller is facing serious accusations from a woman who is only listed as “Jane Doe” in a lawsuit. The NFL star is one of the most coveted players in the league, and while he celebrates several successes on the field, outside of the game, Miller is being taken to court in a reported “revenge porn” lawsuit. TMZ shared details about the court case where Doe accused Miller of sending her private photos to “two well-known celebrities.”

The incident reportedly occurred sometime in May 2020 and in court documents, Doe reportedly claimed she was dating Miller at the time. She stated that they posed together while engaging in “sexual acts.”

Von Miller
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

Doe claimed that she and Miller agreed that the images would remain between them, but in her lawsuit, she alleged that “in a fit of jealousy, anger, and rage” Miller fired off the pictures to two celebrities that she doesn’t name. 

The lawsuit claims the first message was sent on May 7, 2020 … allegedly saying, “This the b*tch you want? You can have her dawg.” The second message was allegedly sent three minutes later, to a different person, saying, “This the bitch you want?”

In docs, Doe’s attorney reportedly stated, “This case is a cautionary tale for young woman that date professional athletes like Miller that think laws do not apply because of fame, money, and power.” The lawsuit reported added, “However, professional athletes are not exempt from the law and Miller’s vindictive, manipulative and unlawful actions must not be overlooked.”

TMZ reported that Miller’s accuser is hoping that the court will stop him from sharing the alleged images in the future. She is also seeking “monetary damages,” but the exact amount is unclear. Miller has yet to issue a statement about the allegations and it is unknown at this time if the celebrities in question will be named in the future.